Clare 12th-14th October 2007

Polldubh: Through trip with Christian, Patrick, Suzy, Peter and Ronan. Nice walk as far as the bedding plane and then back past the traverses to the exit. Dave was waiting for us. Not a bad first trip.

Pollnagollum: Gunmans through part of muddy links. Dave L went straight into Muddy Links and I followed him. Never having been through a squeeze before I got a bit freaked out. After some confusion we got into the main stream. We went down as far as the main junction and then back up throught the shakehole. Sang seven drunken nights and Yellow submarine as we marched along.

Fermanagh 23rd-25th November 2007

Pigeon pot: Bitterly cold. We changed into our gear in a horribly cold wind streaming across the moor and then trudged off across the heather. John Gilbert and Ronan Kane did the rigging for us. This was my first trip SRT trip so I was a bit nervous. It was great fun coming down next to the waterfall. Dave Lalor, Mick, Christian Rob and I were there. I only got halfway down the second pitch due to lack of rope. Rob freaked out on the way up. Kinda funny. But in a serious way.

Whitefathers: The less said about this cave the better suffice to say it was no fun.