Clare February 2008

Coolagh river cave: We entered the cave via a tight dry sink and after a crawl we reached another crawl and then an aven and then another crawl and then some walking passage and a ladder and then some walking passage and then we went out the way we came in. An uneventful journey

Pollnagollum: Why we chose to go back here escaped me. It was an unimaginitive and uninspired choice of cave and caused in me a crisis of faith in the DIT caving society. Dave kindly left Katie’s keys in the tea party cave and so they had the honour of replicating the trip they had just done which was in itself a replication of the trip we’d done four months previously.

Clare October 2008

Faunarooska: Katie decided to takk myself, Mick and Peter to Faunarooska. Peter the South African, Ronan and the Daves went and did something in Pollnagollum that wasn’t entering Gunmans, marching down the main stream passage and back up again. We had a wonderful time following the matriarchal figure as she marched down the passage past some fine formations. Somehow I missed the formation called the Vagina. We decided to turn back somewhere near the pitches at the end. Terribly cold fingers.

Cullan 2: Delightful romp through an uninspiring, dull, drab, monotonous and occasionally mildly intesting cave.

Fermanagh December? 2008

Cascades: Mick decided about four meters in that the cave wasn’t for him and backed out. The rest of us continued on regardless. Lots of crawling. A very broken down cave, full of rubble and the stream frequently dissappears. Sore on the knees too. After we passed the letterbox a rock fell on Des’s leg and he and Dave L returned. The four remaining trudged on and and just as we were getting near the end of the enterance series Ronan decided to turn back.

Pollprughlisk: I realised as soon as we’d gotten to the Cuilcagh plateau that I’d forgetten my helmet. We trudged across the bog to the pot. Inside at the balcony Mick saw the pitch and decided that it wasn’t for him and backed out. I got his helmet. Woo hoo! A very dramatic pitch, all greenery on the little ledges all the way down the pot. Longish pitch down past a deviation. It was bloody cold at the bottom with a further pitch which I didn’t do. I poked around the chamber and found a dog skull. Then up and out and across the bog.