Barranquismo en Sierra de Guara - Friday 28 May to 06 Jun 2010

LATEST: The second group of five are booked on the trip and the waiting list is open.

Formiga - wet, jumping paradise

The next canyoning trip is upon us! We're going back to the Sierra de Guara mountains
north of Barcelona, Spain at the end of May this year. The trip is open to all regardless
of expereince level, just get in touch to register your interest and we'll make sure that
you are prepared.

Why are we going back to Sierra de Guara?

The reason for this is simple, it's the area where your leaders have the most experience
and so far it's been the cheapest canyoning trip ever run. Also I can't remember where
the canyons are on Mallorca and the other trip is going to Haute Savoire in September.

Whoa! Before going any further. What the hell is canyoning?

Imagine a caving trip, now take off the roof, add an awful lot of sunshine and a bueatiful
clean river, got it? It's just like caving except more fun. Put simply it involves the descent
of river gorges by a variety of techniques including hiking, scrambling, jumping, and
abseiling with some swimming.

Who can go?

DIT Caving Club members, other caving club members and anybody else with a
reasonable level of fitness and a sense of adventure, there are canyons to suit all
abilities. If you've caved your ready to go, if you haven't caved talk to me and we'll see
what you need to do before we think about taking money from you.
Obviously some restrictions on places apply as we need a certain number of leaders
and drivers so I can't promise a first come, first served basis, but obviously getting in
touch first will be to your benefit.

How are we travelling?

Flying Ryanair from Dublin Airport (DUB) to Girona, Barcelona (GRO) with one 15kg
item of checked luggage is costing €202 return at time of writing. From there we will be
renting a car between each group of 5 or 4 so you can expect to spend another €60
Gorgas Negras - big, wide, easy

each on that.

What about sleeps?

We'll probaly end up staying in the same bungalows as last year as while I'm exploring
alternatives I did like the location with it's accessible walk to many of the canyons and
the fact that four canyons finish beside the bar. Expect to pay €125 each for 9 nights.

What if I get too drunk to canyon?

It's normal that we'll skip at least one day of canyoning and on that day there's a couple
of options open to you including
  • drinking cheap San Miguel in the sun
  • via ferata
  • hiking
  • eating icecream in the sun
  • jumping off the god dam
  • shopping in decathalon/barrabes
  • mascun is rock climbing mecca

What do I need to bring?

So we've flown to Spain, driven to Sierra de Guara and booked into a bungalow for €250,
call it €300 since you non-drivers have been boozing all the way. All of the below can be
begged, borrowed and rented but obviously it's better if you have your own.
Compulsary Gear - everyone needs to have all this equipment to canyon safely:
  • 5mm Full body Wetsuit
  • Helmet and Waterproof Light (Suitable for Caving)
  • Harness (either a canyoning one, a climbing one, or a caving one with a belt)
  • Cows Tails with Krabs (locking/non-locking, your choice...)
  • Descender (Fig 8 or Piranha - not a stop/simple/rack/whatever else)
  • Spare Krabs (at least 2)
  • Gloves (Hands get pretty chaffed when abseiling in lots of water)
  • Wetsocks
    Gorgonchon - tight, deep, wet
  • Boots for canyoning (Welllies, special canyoning boots, old walking boots)
  • Bouyancy Aid
  • Knife
  • Whistle

Optional Gear - you probably should have some or all of the following:
  • Canyoning Bag for gear/dry clothes/food/water etc...
  • Ass Protector (Built into some canyoning harnesses)
  • Emergency Ascenders (either full jammers, or smaller versions)
  • Prussick Loop or Shunt (For protection of abseiling if nervous/high)
  • Pulley (Petzl Fixe is ideal for hauling/rescue/...)
  • Personal Caving/Canyoning First Aid Kit
  • Spare Light (?)
The items in italics above should be provided by participates but as mentioned above stuff
is going begging. Get in touch before you start buying gear and we can advise you. I'd
recommend leaving the wet suit until spain expect to spend €50 or less if renting, a figure
of eight descender can be as cheap as €8 in Dublin. It's inexpensive stuff but you can get
use out of all of it in all kinds of out door activities. Helmets and harnesse's will be loaned
from club supplies but you'll be responsible for them for the duration of the trip.

When is it?

We will be departing Dublin Airport at 1810hrs on Friday the 28th of May and landing back
there at 2315hrs on Sunday the 6th of June 2010.

Okay I'm in!

Contact Dave Murtagh by e-mail for more information, to register interest and a prefferred
date. This web page will be updated as plans firm up.


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